The Climar Project


Access to climate information has the potential for directing the planning, investments and decision making that is required for climate-resilient development.

What is Climar?

The Climar Project is a climate information sharing platform that provides tailored advice to different sectors of the economy. The markers of success will be credible and accurate weather measurements that are actionable and can provide advanced interpreted weather information to farmers.

Anticipated Impacts and Outcomes

As a climate information service, Climar is expected to improve access to modern day climate and weather information in sub-Saharan Africa, while enhancing smallholder agriculture and food security. The service is also intended to reduce the exposure of other sectors of the economy to negative impacts of extreme weather and climate.

Where we are

The process of developing the Climar platform began with defining the problem that it is intended to solve. So far we have defined the value proposition of Climar and identified the stakeholders. We have collected data from weather information APIs and recorded voice segments in 2 languages. We have also started to build the interactive voice response system that can contextualize the collected weather data to the user in African languages


Luc Alapini (Project Manger)
Racheal Nakamba
Michael Kent
Patrick Sikalinda
Teddy Odindo
Richard Folly

The Climar Project progress report