The ClimateFrame Project

ClimateFrame is a framework that allows local experts to frame data by defining specific actions that are executed when certain events occur within real time data.

Let's look at a potential user. Nelisa is a specialist working with local farmers within her community. She has had multiple in depth conversations with them and knows how they work. With her experience she has identified several ways she could help them improve their workflow. She has access to a dataset that gives her information on when the crops of the farmers need to be watered and harvested to maximize output.

Nelisa decides to use ClimateFrame to keep the farmers up to date with best practices. Within the platform she can select the datasets to predict the message format. A sample message would look like this, "If there is going to be no rain in the next 3 hours, send message 'water the crops' ".

To be able to cater to all available technologies and literacy levels, our platform will allow the message 'water the crops' to be sent as a call or text in the local language, or an ASCII art universal symbol.

  ___ __
 |___ __ \
        ) |
       / /

(o) (o) (o) (o) 
 |   |   |   |
(bucket of water)

Naomi Pentrel (Project Manager)
Rashiq Ahmad
Samweli Mwakisambwe
Emrehan Tüzün


Ideas for symbols: