The Knife's Edge Workshop Reflection

The UNDP CIRDA Hackathon was an incredibly enabling environment for developing tools for climate and weather. The hackathon was well organized in terms of both the logistics and providing the relevant datasets and expert access, and it was great meeting and learning from the different stakeholders involved with the challenges described at the conference.

CIRDA Last Mile Panel Sessions

The panel discussions highlighted the governments lack of capacity to collate and curate any meteorological data, yet simultaneously pointed out efforts by government officials in reaching the last mile. The UNDP/CIRDA team has implemented various practical measures to greatly strengthen countries’ capabilities. The panel session provided good insight into the underlying problems that plague climate issues, and helped hackathon participants better understand the gaps that exist in climate and weather industry, and its indirect impact on the public good.

Reactions to the Panel Discussions

A very impressive point was the amount of effort that national governments and the private sector have put into addressing climate change issues. Some countries have inadequate weather stations hence their data was not representative of the actual weather and climate situations in their countries.

The team was also surprised by how quickly we were able to get to speed on the issues affecting farmers. After the first day, it seemed like it was going to be impossible, but we were able to share our ideas and come up with a great idea quickly.

Next Steps

Though we still do not completely understand all the problems they face we were able to make something that other organizations want to use. Obtaining the necessary primary data from national meteorology departments will be one of the primary challenges as we move into the next phase.

All in all, Great event!