#mLisho Workshop Reflection

It has been a short but exciting workshop. We have learned from different stakeholders involved in weather forecasting and the problems that climate change poses to society. We have also participated in developing simple solutions to those problems using available weather data.

As the #mLisho hack team, we identified that climate change has affected agricultural practices in Africa, specifically, in its influence on the planting seasons for farmers. It has also had greater impacts on pastoralist’s movements in search of pasture and water.

Team #mLisho

The problems caused by climate change call for real time weather predictions to provide accurate early warning information to the farmers, as well as best practices for improving their yields.

The #mLisho team proposed and produced a system based upon rainfall data from satellites, which allowed weather forecasting institutions to calculate the rangeland forage productivity. This information can then be used by various stakeholders to send useful messages to the pastoralists.

It is our belief that the full implementation of this project will lead to a sustainable life for both the farmers, livestock and the wildlife, as well as provide adequate information to insurance companies on what policies to sell to pastoralists.