Farmer's Guide: Progress Report

Farmer's Guide Project Overview | Code Repository Progress To Date 1) Selected and connected to an API (aWhere) 2) Created an SMS platform 3) Created a Database »

The Farmers' Guide Project

Introduction Due to the changing climatic conditions, there has been a shift in the planting seasons and weather patterns. This has rendered traditional methods of estimating »

The Knife's Edge Project

Mission statement Improving climate and weather information transfer to Agricultural Extension Officers (EO) in order to improve farmers decision making Our project The information channels used »

The Climar Project

Introduction Access to climate information has the potential for directing the planning, investments and decision making that is required for climate-resilient development. What is Climar? The »

The #mLisho Project

Mission Statement Early warning system that uses mobile phone SMS API to send sustainability and market information to nomadic pastoralist based on predictions of range land »

The ClimateFrame Project

ClimateFrame is a framework that allows local experts to frame data by defining specific actions that are executed when certain events occur within real time data. »

Defining the process

Hackathons take many forms in both their purpose and execution. If you attend these events as a hacker--please can we stop using that term--you've probably engaged »