The Knife's Edge Project: Progress Report

The Knife's Edge Project Overview | Code Repository

As a group, we decided to use the conventional steps of design thinking to approach our project:

  • Empathize
  • Ideate
  • Build prototype
  • Test
  • Feedback

After an intense “information overload” on day one of the workshop, the teams were asked to come up with a mission statement so as to prepare themselves for day two. An explosive ten minutes ensued, and our five exhausted team members got their heads together and got the mission statement and objectives wrapped and posted giving everyone an opportunity to head for bed.

##### Wednesday 0900 hrs-1030 hrs *Empathy*

Mr. Shula of the Zambian Ministry of Agriculture walked us through the day-to-day activities of an Extension Officer (EO) in Zambia’s Rural Agricultural Zones. We analysed the flow of information to and from the officer and took into consideration the everyday challenges they face.

Wednesday 1030 hrs – 1200 hrs


Having internalized the needs of the EO and the community, the team proceeded to lay out the information they thought the EO would need and find useful. We took into consideration the technical abilities of the EO and their accessibility to computers and ICT facilities.

Because EOs are educated to post-secondary level, we assumed that at least they will have access to smart phones that have mobile web browsers. The dashboard shall be designed primarily for desktop screens, but must responsive to mobile web browsers.

Reliability of data sources already came to question as one of the “free sources” seemed to have a non-functioning site.

Wednesday 1400 hrs


Instead of coming up with a mockup, the team decided to just jump into building something.

Three sub-teams have been created:

  • API/ Data crunching team
  • UI/ UX team
  • Content generating team
Wednesday 1745 hrs

The team is upbeat and hopeful for an early completion.