The Knife's Edge Project

Mission statement

Improving climate and weather information transfer to Agricultural Extension Officers (EO) in order to improve farmers decision making

Our project

The information channels used in rural Africa are based on trust and familiarity. Most sub-Saharan countries have a setup within the Ministry of Agriculture where they have an Extension Officer (EO) who is in physical contact with farmers. The EO has one-on-one sessions with the local farmer, communicating with them in the local language and acting as both a mentor and teacher. The farmers have vested a lot of trust in the EO and their influence in these rural settings cannot be ignored.

The Knife's Edge team will create an analysis dashboard primarily for the EO who will be able to infer this climate/weather information for their own practice and application.

Via a web-based dashboard, the EO will receive collated, analysed data and disseminate this information to the farmers through their already existing methods and infrastructure. These methods include one-on-one farm visits with farmers, Push SMS to the entire farming population under their jurisdiction and farmer group meetings.

The dashboard will be able to provide seven-day weather forecasts (temperature, cloud cover, humidity, rainfall) and potential disaster alerts. There will also be information on pest and disease alerts under the resource center. The resource center shall be used as an educational tool to assist with self-help capacity building.

Potential problems include the confidence levels of the forecasts and the technical capabilities of the EO.


Madi-Jimba Yahya (Project Manager)
Gladys Kitony
Daniel Mbeyah
Pooja Pasawala
David Yong